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Gather powerful information from the Cincinnati & Hamilton County 2015 Homeless Management Information System:  VESTA

You can report data by age, gender, race, income, veteran status, household size and much more.

Use VESTArc for project and community-wide data.  Use the data to inform your strategic plan.  Use the data for grant requests.  The possibilities are endless.

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PCL is a primary national Technical Assistance provider for HUD on Homeless Management Information Systems (HMIS). PCL and VESTA are the National HMIS Data and Lab of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).   The Data Lab enables HUD, and other federal agencies, to use VESTA along with aggregate community data to consider best practices for outcome reporting and client trends in order to develop policies for ending homelessness.  The work of the Data Lab includes

  • Data Standards development and testing;
  • Development of programming specifications for federal reports generated by HMIS systems across the nation;
  • Supporting the work of the federal partner agencies to measure and report on ending veteran homelessness, youth homelessness and chronic homelessness;
  • Creating tools to support cross system functionality;
  • PCL’s president works on-site at HUD headquarters once a month to advise HUD and the Federal Partners on data, performance measurement, and the integration of solutions.


VESTA is used across the Cincinnati/Hamilton County Continuum of Care for the Homeless as its Homeless Management Information System (HMIS). Since 2004, 100% of the providers of services and housing for persons experiencing homelessness on the streets, in shelters, and transitional and permanent housing use VESTA – the only community in the nation with such a record

  • PCL is also provides the HMIS Lead Agency functions to manage the Cincinnati/Hamilton County’s HMIS implementation, provide user training and support, and develops new reports and supportive tools for the CoC.
  • VESTA is used by the United Way of Greater Cincinnati since 2010 as the shared measurement system for Emergency Services to help ensure unified outcome measurement, identify opportunities for stronger collaboration, and reduce duplication of services in support of the United Ways’ “Gainful Employment” Bold Goal.
  • VESTA’s “Homeless Certification” system is used for all projects to ensure that homeless persons are those who are receiving services and housing.