VESTA – or call 513.891.4016 x336

Thyme CDS – or call 513.891.4016 x333

Team contacts:

Michelle Budzek – Email or call 513.891.4016 x31
Managing Partner and Thyme Project Manager

David Durkalski – Email or call 513.891.4016 x337
CIO, Developer and, Senior Programmer of PCL’s software systems

Meradith Alspaugh – Email or call 513.891.4016 x338
COO and HMIS Data Lab primary contact

Monte Allen – Email or call 513.891.4016 x336
VESTA User Support

Rob Brodrick – Email or call 513.891.4016 x332
Data Lab Specialist

David Burgstrom – Email or call 513.891.4016 x309
Data Analyst and Project Manager

Bryan Davis– Email or call 513.891.4016 x304

Martha Stephen – Email or call 513.891.4016 x312
Chief of Staff and Administration support

The Partnership Center, Ltd.  •  2134 Alpine Place  •  Cincinnati, OH 45206  •  Phone: 513-891-4016  •  Fax: 513-618-5720
PCL’s office is located in Walnut Hills, near the Eden Park overlook. Parking is available on the street or directly behind the building.