VESTA® – the Virtual Electronic Service Tracking Assistant – is an award-winning software product used by social service agencies in Cincinnati to track and manage their service and housing projects.  Built using a metadata model, the software is customizable for each agency and project, allowing flexibility in data collection and robust reporting.  VESTA is used as a tool to track and evaluate client services, case management, referrals, financial support, and other information that helps agencies and community leaders evaluate the effectiveness of services they provide.

  • For Homeless Clients – VESTA eliminates redundant intake and screening, coordinates case management, and provides strategic referrals.
  • For Service Providers – VESTA monitors service utilization and project outcomes, coordinates services across multiple projects, and simplifies demographics, service counts, and reporting.
  • For the Community – VESTA data reveals high demand service areas and service gaps, clarifies local understanding about homelessness, informs decision makers and public policy.


VESTA was originally developed as a Microsoft Access database used by local family shelters to track their clients and produce reports. The system was expanded into a Microsoft SQL Server / ASP.NET web-based system in 2000.  Since then it has grown into a Collaborative Community Services Software system as other projects, agencies, and funders elected to use it as their database solution to measure and improve performance outcomes.

All VESTA Modules are completely customizeable. Basic modules include:

  • HMIS Modules – The HMIS Modules all conform to the most recent HUD HMIS Data and Technical Standards. These modules include: Street Outreach, Emergency Shelter, Transitional Housing, and Permanent Supportive Housing. All of the HMIS standard modules can generate an Annual Performance Report for HUD as well as specialized reporting needed by the projects using them.
  • EA Module – The Emergency Assistance (EA) Module is designed to enable agencies providing basic emergency services for clients to electronically store all client records.  The EA Module includes the ability to track items provided to clients (e.g. financial assistance, food, clothing, special supplies, etc.) and to support the provision of stabilization services.  The basic EA module includes the use of a scan card, document storage, assessment and self-sufficiency forms, and a budgeting tool.
  • Front Door Module – The Front Door module enables an agency to use VESTA to manage the flow of clients into their agency.  By placing the front door module at the agency reception desk the receptionist can register the client for services, put them in a time stamped queue, or record items picked up.


If you think VESTA might be right for your Greater Cincinnati agency, project, or community partnership contact Meradith Alspaugh to learn how VESTA can fit your needs. Make sure to ask for an account on VESTA DEMO to get a better feel of what VESTA is all about. VESTA is used by projects in Cincinnati as a effective way for agencies to address critical data needs.