HMIS Transition Update Information


Strategies to End Homelessness has notified PCL that the date range for the HMIS data export is 1/1/2012 through 12/31/2018.


The Partnership Center, Ltd (PCL) has been preparing to send HMIS data to the new HMIS system managed by Strategies to End Homelessness (STEH). As of this date, no data has been transferred from VESTA, and no documentation of your customization has been provided by us to the new HMIS system. PCL is still awaiting information from STEH about the date range for the data transfer.

On September 11, 2018, PCL mailed the directors agencies with only HMIS projects a packet of information that included:

  • List of Agency Projects in VESTA;
  • VESTA Continued Use and Custom Data Transfer Form; and
  • VESTA Data Transfer Information for HMIS Agencies

PCL requests that agencies complete and return the Agency Projects in VESTA form by October 1, 2018.

PCL requests that agencies complete and return the VESTA Continued Use and Custom Data Transfer form by October 30, 2018.

PCL will be meeting with the United Way of Greater Cincinnati staff on Monday, September 24th to finalize plans for ongoing VESTA use for Emergency Assistance agencies.  We will be reaching out to EA agencies and agencies that have both EA and HMIS the week of September 24th.

Any questions about the information shared with each agency or the HMIS transition in general can be directed to Meradith Alspaugh or Michelle Budzek.

May 14, 2018

In October 2017, PCL was informed that the Cincinnati/Hamilton County CoC was issuing an RFP for the procurement of an HMIS software. PCL submitted a proposal that was accepted and moved on to Phase Two of the HMIS RFP selection process. On Friday, April 27, 2018, Strategies to End Homelessness (STEH) notified PCL that the Homeless Clearinghouse decided that they are not going to take VESTA to the third and final round of the RFP process for continued use as the HMIS in our community. PCL’s contract with STEH for VESTA will end September 30, 2018. 

As PCL has said to agencies throughout the RFP process, we are committed to continuing to provide VESTA as a resource to the community for as long as it is a viable solution.  PCL facilitated a meeting on Friday, May 11th for Executive Directors of VESTA contributing agencies to discuss the status of VESTA use for non-HMIS projects and to discuss options for the future of VESTA.

The slides for this meeting are posted below.

Executive Director Presentation