HMIS (Homeless Management Information System) is a general term for software used to track and report on homeless and formerly-homeless people. VESTA® is the software selected by the Cincinnati/Hamilton County Continuum of Care for the Homeless for the community’s HMIS solution.

is recognized by HUD as a legacy HMIS and is updated to the 2017 HMIS Data and Technical Standards as is required for an HMIS system.

Specialized features in VESTA provide extra help for the HMIS Users

  • Homeless Certification: a method within VESTA fulfilling the HUD requirements for documentation of homelessness.  VESTA automatically generates homeless certificates according to strict guidelines, and those follow clients electronically as they move between homeless housing and service projects.  In this way, agencies have proof of homelessness as required for HUD funding of their projects.
  • Tuberculosis Control, Messaging, and VESTA: a procedure created in partnership with TB Control to assist in the identification and notification of homeless persons who have been exposed to tuberculosis in case of an outbreak within the homeless community.

Documents specific to VESTA as an HMIS system

  • 2017 HMIS Agency Fee Schedule:  This is notice of HMIS agency fees for the 2017 calendar year. Note – there has been no increase in fees from the previous year
  • VESTA Policies and Procedures:  HMIS policies and procedures have been in use in Cincinnati since 2003.  The HMIS Advisory Committee has just completed the process of updating them.
  • HMIS Agency Agreement:  The responsibilities of each participating HMIS Agency and benefits provided to them are outlined in the HMIS Agency Agreement.  All agencies participating in VESTA as part of the communities HMIS have signed an HMIS agency agreement.


The Partnership Center, Ltd. is pleased to provide their Homeless Management Information System software – VESTA®. The Continuum of Care, Inc., its working groups, researchers, and individual organizations work with the IT Team at the Partnership Center to produce meaningful reports on the homeless population data within VESTA.

Available Reports

The 2014 VESTA Community Data Report looks at homelessness throughout Cincinnati and Hamilton County for the past year using unduplicated totals, project types, and outcomes.  Thanks to our over 740 diligent VESTA users who make this report possible!

Prior HMIS Annual Data Reports are also available: 2013, 201220112010200920082007