HMIS Data Analyst: Danielle joined the Partnership Center in 2022. Danielle’s responsibilities include managing PCL activities associated with HUD projects including HMIS Data Standards and providing overall data analytics and HMIS expertise to PCL and other organizations we serve.

Prior to joining PCL, Danielle was the Data Analysis and Systems Supervisor for Kentucky Housing Corporation, KY-500’s CoC Lead and HMIS Lead. During her time as HMIS Lead Danielle she focused on leading her team in using HMIS data analysis to make data driven decisions for the CoC. Danielle is experienced with HMIS system requirements, working with HMIS vendors, training HMIS users, system administration of HMIS, and writing custom reports. Danielle holds a bachelor's degree in Organizational Leadership and Training from the University of Louisville.  Email Danielle or call 513.891.4016 x333

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